You will need
  • Ammonia, brush, or eraser, liquid soap, talc/petrol, milk, soda ash
Each time after returning from anywhere home clean suede shoes. You can do it with a special brush soaked in the previously prepared solution. In a glass of water, add liquid soap and a few drops of ammonia. Gently brush this mixture shoes. Then wipe the place of contamination with cold water. Leave it to dry. But in any case do not put suede shoes in the battery.
If your suede boots or shoes in some places began to Shine, then this trouble will again help to manage the ammonia. Ammonia solution soak a cotton swab. Then carefully wipe them become shiny places. Instead, you can try rubbing the shoes with an eraser or holding it over steam.
If your suede boots have a stain, can be removed with gasoline or talc. To do this, simply wipe the contaminated area with a cotton swab dipped in gasoline or sprinkle talcum powder absorbs the grease well. Then leave your shoes for a few hours alone, and then brush.
Dirty or rough spots on suede shoes you can easily clean using milk. Add in half a Cup of milk one teaspoon soda and two drops of ammonia. In a small amount, apply to the place of contamination of the resulting solution. Then wipe with a special brush. Shoes will be clean.