Advice 1: How to paint skin

After continuous use of leather items - bags, jackets, shoes lose their original color, become dull and worn. It turns out that old things can be restored, if you paint the skin. Experiment with color in a different hue is undesirable, since in the end it may be very ugly picture. The best option to rejuvenate the skin, that is painted in the same color.
How to paint skin
At the first stage is cleaning of leather products. Removes all dust and grease stains. For this purpose diluted soap in warm water and carefully washed the surface of the skin, not missing a single crease.
Now with clean water to moisten the sponge and remove all the soap. Dry leather product does not have to have batteries and in the hot sun, as the skin doesn't like fast drying, it becomes rude. Once the moisture left in the seams, move to the second phase – staining.
Paint for leather products is chosen carefully so that the result was persistent and pleasing to the eye. Better to ignore aerosols. Liquid ink for smooth skin, made of water-based exactly what you need. This paint is easy to use, evenly distributed over the surface, dries quickly and is devoid of the irritating smell.
Leather spread out on a hard surface and sponge in circular rubbing the paint. Layer to do the fine. At one time processed a small surface, it is desirable to paint the individual parts before the seams.
After the paint dries, the surface can have a desirable high gloss, in this case, the skin is sprayed with water and wiped with a cloth.

Advice 2 : How to paint leather shoes

Very often leather shoes after prolonged use loses its original appearance. The color becomes dull and unattractive. Update worn shoes, if you paint the skin. Only do not experiment with different shades because the final result may unpleasantly surprise you. The best option is coloring in the natural color of the product.
How to paint leather shoes
To begin, prepare your shoes for painting. To do this, cleaning leather products. Remove all grease and dust. This procedure can be done independently. For this you will need: soap and a glass of warm water.
Dissolve soap in warm water and rinse with this solution the surface of the Shoe.
Try not to miss a single crease. Also for cleaning leather articles sell special cleaning products. You can buy them in a specialty store.
After cleaning the shoes, allow to dry. Remember: the leather cannot be dried in the hot sun and the battery, as it doesn't like fast drying. In this case, it will become more hard and tough. Make sure that the shoes dry completely, even in areas of seams.
Choose a special paint for leather products. Pay special attention to the level of its durability. The result should delight you for many years. The preference for liquid dyes which are made water-based. They have virtually no odor, dries quickly and evenly over the surface. Moreover, this paint is easy to use.
Staining. This procedure is best done on the floor, bed, unnecessary in advance of the newspaper in several layers. Paint the preferred ordinary kitchen sponge. To do this, apply a bit of paint and gently RUB it on the shoes with circular movements. Make the layer thin. Process start from the nose to the heel of the product, painting small surfaces. Pay special attention to the seams, as it is in these places often remain poorly painted areas.
After dyeing, leave the shoes for about 12-15 hours until complete drying of the product. After that, wipe it with a damp cloth. Are your shoes ready for use!

Advice 3 : How to paint a leather jacket

A leather jacket can be worn for several decades. With proper care it is able to maintain an elegant look for a very long time. But even the perfect hostess on the jacket in the end appear to be fading, and then there is the need the skin paint.
A leather jacket will have to paint the whole
Even if fading is a small area, the jacket will have to paint the whole thing. To pick up a new dye that would be completely consistent with the old, is almost impossible. Areas, painted a fresh coat of paint, will appear with patches. In many cases you can do without color. For example, a white jacket can be updated with milk, black or brown – coffee grounds, wrapped in a piece of gauze.

Whether painting a jacket yourself? If you live in a big city, the product can be taken to a specialized workshop. Quite often such services are offered dry cleaning services. Better if someone of your friends already use such services. Ask, if its quality service.

The inhabitants of small settlements of choice is usually there, so we have to solve similar problems independently. Think, what color would you paint the jacket. It is not necessary to repaint it radically, especially from dark colors to light. Preferable shades that are close to natural.

Go to the nearest Shoe store. Sold dyes for leather and in retail outlets where they sell products made from this material, as well as in major hardware stores. You will surely find several types of paint. It can be liquid as well as paste or spray. The highest quality dyes are considered to be the Salamander. Fits any paint, but the aerosol is easier to apply. But working with aerosols is better in the open air. It is advisable to wear a respirator or a gauze bandage. To work with paste or liquid paint such serious precautions are required.

Test the paint on the matching colored shoes. Read the instructions carefully. The product before painting dust and dirt. It is best for this purpose is slightly damp (in any case not wet) sponge.

Regardless of which option you choose, hang the jacket on a hanger so that it does not touch the floor. The floor and surrounding objects, it is better to close Newspapers, junk rags or something like that. As well as painting shoes, brush the coat with a damp sponge. Spray spray so that the paint coated the product evenly. You need to work quickly. Wait until the coat dries, and then retry the operation.

The coloration of a liquid paint – the process is somewhat more time-consuming. It requires attention and care. Jacket prepare and hang the same way as in the previous case. Paint brush on an even layer, allow to dry and repeat the procedure.

If you just want to refresh the color, you can use toothpaste. The jacket in this case it is better to put horizontally. The paste is applied in the same way as when cleaning shoes. Get ready for what the procedure must be repeated about once a month.
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