At the first stage is cleaning of leather products. Removes all dust and grease stains. For this purpose diluted soap in warm water and carefully washed the surface of the skin, not missing a single crease.
Now with clean water to moisten the sponge and remove all the soap. Dry leather product does not have to have batteries and in the hot sun, as the skin doesn't like fast drying, it becomes rude. Once the moisture left in the seams, move to the second phase – staining.
Paint for leather products is chosen carefully so that the result was persistent and pleasing to the eye. Better to ignore aerosols. Liquid ink for smooth skin, made of water-based exactly what you need. This paint is easy to use, evenly distributed over the surface, dries quickly and is devoid of the irritating smell.
Leather spread out on a hard surface and sponge in circular rubbing the paint. Layer to do the fine. At one time processed a small surface, it is desirable to paint the individual parts before the seams.
After the paint dries, the surface can have a desirable high gloss, in this case, the skin is sprayed with water and wiped with a cloth.