To clean away stains from suede and return things to a pristine view, it is necessary to prepare the following solution. Floors take a tablespoon of milk with a minimum percentage of fat and half a teaspoon of soda ash. Mix up the ingredients. Take a cotton pad and moisten it with the mixture. Wipe them with a place that needs cleaning. If necessary, repeat this procedure.
There is another great way to get rid of stains on suede products. Prepare the following solution. Take 10% ammonia teaspoon and 4 teaspoons of room temperature water. Combine all of this. Apply the solution on a clean cloth, then wipe the stain. Upon completion this procedure, you must wipe with another cloth dampened with plain water. It is necessary to remove tissue residues of the mixture. Then thoroughly dry the product.
In addition, suede just perfectly cleared the ferry. For such a simple cleaning you just need to hold the stained suede thing a few minutes over steam. After that, a special brush for suede comb the product.
It is worth noting the fact that suede shoes and bags best cleaned with special brushes exclusively from natural fibers. Also good for cleaning brushes with fibre, rubber or the ordinary school eraser.
If soiled product from black or brown suede, then try to clean it with regular coffee grounds. Apply a small amount on the stain and gently RUB. Then wipe with a dry cotton swab remnants of the grounds.