Professionally tidy suede and upgrade its appearance can in dry cleaning. There are used for the treatment of special organic solvents and compounds, optimally caring for suede.
To update the suede can be in the home. Most often, you use a special brush with a hair or rubber coating. These brushes have two surfaces: on the side, intended for primary processing suede, cloth (rubber ledges) larger, a second side with fine bristles used in the final stages of processing. If there is a special brush you can use sandpaper with fine abrasive or regular eraser.
If suede thing began to harden from frequent contact with moisture, to return to her former softness pretty easily. Simply knead it with your hands in different directions, then it is possible to "comb" all the same brush. For extremely running things need to pre-process suede cold soapy water. Leave the thing in solution for 6-8 hours, then rinse in water with addition of a small amount of ammonia. After the thing dries, just mash it.
To refresh and update the look of suede things, you can use the water bath. Hold the thing over the steam for several minutes and let dry. This treatment allows the pile to rise, suede becomes more smooth and fluffy. If you treat this way, hats or gloves during drying pull them on the appropriate form or spread out, carefully straightened.
If you decided to wash suede to be reversed, do not use harsh detergents and tools with bleach or supplements. The detergent should be neutral. Well suited for wash suede products intended for washing wool and silk. Water for washing should be slightly warm. Remember that suede things not to twist when pulled. Enough to wrap the thing in a towel or a sheet and a little dry, then the thing should be hung on hangers or put on the form. Suede when the thing is dry, it needs to stretch your hands and walk on the pile with a special brush.