You will need
  • - flannel napkin;
  • rubber brush for suede;
  • - water-repellent spray;
  • - eraser;
  • - stain remover for suede;
  • - ammonia;
  • water;
  • - spray paint-spray.
If you want to keep shoes in perfect condition for a long time, do not wear it in wet weather. Moisture rapidly destroys the structure of the material and spoil its appearance. Don't use suede shoes for long walks. Before the first be sure to treat her special water repellent spray. It will protect the suede from the harmful effects of dirt, moisture and dust. Apply evenly on the surface of the Shoe and allow to dry for 12 hours. Periodically repeat the procedure.
Before you remove the dirt thoroughly dry the shoes. Onto clean dry dirt and dust can be a special brush for suede or flannel cloth. An effective tool to combat stains is a special Shoe or an ordinary school eraser. It will not only remove dirt, but will significantly raise the pile and visually update the suede.
The most stubborn dirt and treat stubborn stains with special stain remover for suede and nubuck. Modern means in the form of pinochetista allow gently to penetrate into the interior of the contaminated site. Apply the foam to the shoes with short distances and gently spread with a napkin. Wait for 1-2 minutes and wipe off the remaining solvent from the surface of the suede. Good dry shoes.
Fat, become shiny places dispose of the ammonia solution. Mix 1 tsp. of alcohol and 5 tsp of water. Moisten a cooked liquid brush and carefully apply a greasy area. After the procedure, raise the NAP with a brush for suede. To restore the structure of the material can also "water bath". To do this, bring the shoes to the boiling water and soak a few minutes. Then gently wipe the material with a soft cloth.
After the suede cleaned and dried, take care of restoring its color. To do this, use a special spray paint corresponding to the color of your shoes. Spray colorant remedy spray from 15-20 cm distance. Again, dry off the shoes and treat the rubber brush.