When you receive a statement from the employee's check on it was the date and signature of the employee, as well as resolution from his supervisor. To register for the document type "Received," check the current date of receiving the application. Next, specify the position of the one who registers the document, write the name of Registrar and signature.
If the statement of resignation, employment, leave and other HR documents, it records the personnel Department in the journal of registration of applications. Assign the application sequence number following the last registered document.
In the appropriate fields of the log include the date of admission, full name of the employee who submitted the application. For large enterprises also need to specify the business unit and personnel number of the employee. The following briefly specify the essence of the document (dismissal, vacation, or other). In a separate field to record the resolution of the head affixed to the statement.
When you receive any statements through the mail you must fill in the incoming correspondence log. Assign the application sequence number of an incoming document. In the log specify the date, full name and address of the sender, as well as the employee, signed the acceptance letter. Likewise, note in the log the contents of the document and the final resolution on the issue of the head. Incoming document you need to register immediately upon arrival.