Profession – engineer

The engineer is the specialist who has higher technical education in areas such as the design, manufacture and operation of technical equipment. Such a person is needed for any production; it not only designs and constructs the equipment, but also provides workers with General production tasks, monitors their implementation, organization of jobs, watching the condition of the equipment and monitoring compliance with safety regulations.

The engineer must not only create any technical innovation, but also to predict how this thing will be used by people who what companies will be the reaction to the emergence of a new device. Indeed, in the modern world of technology continuously develops and new technologies that make life more comfortable, no one is surprised.

Day engineer

Day engineer has the full right to occupy a place of honor among historical dates. 30 Oct - the professional holiday of the Russian engineers and workers with specialties of engineering-technical areas in various industries. It is marked at the enterprise level, the status of the state holiday has not been assigned. On this day, arranged corporate events, veterans awarded this challenging and interesting profession.

A bit of history...

History of the profession began in 1854. When in the Navy, a decision was made on the establishment of housing for the training of mechanical engineers. But the actual celebration began to celebrate in 1996, after the Day of the engineer was established by order of the commander of the Navy. Now many universities train specialists in this direction.

The engineer is a professional in the field of design, construction, operation of technological equipment. The profession basically requires no small intellectual costs. Specialty has deep roots and takes its beginning in Ancient Greece, where the curiosity of people motivated them towards progress. The first is the famous engineer Archimedes, famous for his experiments.

In contemporary society the profession of engineer became one of the most important and sought-after professions. The importance of this profession is clear immediately, as the engineers developed the first cars, aircraft and many others, necessary for a modern society high-tech devices.