Will draw up a contract in duplicate. One document is the seller, another the buyer.
Identify the subject of the contract, that is something that is passed from one person to another. Prior to the preparation of the document will discuss all the conditions with the other party.
Start drafting the agreement of purchase andsale with a sequential number and date of compilation. The main text should begin with the details of the parties, that is, indicate the name of the organisations and persons providing it. For example, "OOO "Vostok", in the person of Director General Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, acting under the Charter of the organization...".
Next, specify the subject of the contract. This paragraph specifies the range, quantity and quality. Negotiated terms of transfer of property ownership.
Specify in the legal document the price of the goods. Write what is included in it, for example, packaging, shipping, installation, etc.
Next, make a paragraph on the rights and obligations of the parties. Here, specify the terms of payment and delivery, method of payment (cash or cashless). Also in this paragraph may prescribe conditions for the unloading and loading of products, action in case of inadequate quality, the execution of the supporting documents and other conditions.
Also specify in the contract the warranty period of the product order shipment and actions in case of force majeure circumstances (fire, flood, earthquake, etc.).
In the contract be sure to include a paragraph on the dispute resolution procedure and the term of the document. The period may be determined by the date (e.g. 01 Jan 2012), and interval (e.g. the contract is for one year). You can also make a condition on the extension of the document (automatic renewal).
At the end, specify the legal details of the parties leave the place under print organizations and signatures of the heads.