Then right-click on the empty area of the desktopto correctly stretch the screen. After this action, a menu will appear where you select "Properties". Next, select the "Settings" tab, with the result that you will get the picture of the monitor of the computer and the adjusting of the scale, which allow the discretion to build up the color quality and resolution of the screen. If the resolution is at around 800 to 600 dpi, then use the slider to set it to the maximum possible, for example 1280 by 1024 dots per inch.
If the slider does not move, then release the computer from safe mode, or install the missing video card driver. In this situation, to correctly stretch the screen of the monitor, reinstall the graphics driver using the disk that came with it included. If not, download the software you need on the website of the manufacturer of the device. But first make sure that the problem lies with the above reasons.
Just right click on the icon "My computer". Next, select "Properties". In the opened window select the "Hardware" tab. The list of devices, select the video cards and the same right-click on "Properties". In the window that appears, click the driver tab, and proceed to a careful examination of information on the latest version and the date. If it says that the driver is not found or missing, it will have to be reinstalled.
If the video driver everything is fine, check driver monitor. The procedure is the same as when checking the graphics card driver. Right click on the icon "My computer", then "Properties", "Hardware" and "device Manager". Select "Monitors" and check the status of the driver. In his absence you will need to install. For these purposes, use the included monitor, disk drive or download the appropriate software on the manufacturer's website. After all these operations you can perform a stretching of the screen of the monitor.