Advice 1: How to make background image full screen

Each personal computer has its own virtual workspace to the user. It is called "desktop". It consists of a main program folders and items quick navigation by system services. On the desktop, as well as on the Desk in the office, we can clean up is to swap documents, set time, set calendar, to remove the rubbish in the bin, and, of course, to decorate your workspace photo Wallpaper. Beautiful landscape Wallpaper was maximum size, you must go to a special section on how to make the background image to the entire screen.
How to make background image full screen
Click on the desktop of your computer right click. Will appear a small window, representing a list of commands. Select the lower service Properties. There you can customize the design of the desktop, as well as other parameters of the design interface of the operating system, such as a screen saver, all kinds of Chinese buttons, tool Windows, menu start, and other configurations. In the new resulting window click the tab "desktop". At the top of this section for convenience and clarity, will show a virtual monitor that displays your chosen Wallpaper images for your desktop.
The bottom box under "desktop" is designed to self-select desktop background – monotonic, in the form of patterned Wallpaper, or pasted image. Find a window with scrolling "Wallpaper". It contains ready Wallpapers. Basically, it's standard database of Wallpapers, such as "Coffee shop", "azure", "World", "Desert" and others. The basic background images originally supplied with Windows and is present in all users. In addition to the standard images you may add your own. To do this, click to the right of the box "Background image" "Browse" button. Select any picture or photo from the right folder of the user. Click "Ok" to add image in database window "Wallpaper". Then finally decide whether to leave the current desktop image or make a new one.
In order to change the background on the other, find it in the list of background images using a moving scroll. Highlight any object. Then click the button "Apply" and "Ok". Often these actions is enough to Desk changed the background. But how to make the background image automatically on the entire screen does not always work, you need to adjust the dimensions independently. Go to a small utility window "Location". It is right under the "Browse" button. The function of "Location" is able to adjust the size of background images to the size of the desktop. They can be tiled using as a tile, centered or stretch across the entire width of the screen. Set the pointer value of "Stretch". Click again "Apply" and "Ok" for the changes to take effect. Go back to your desktop. Now, your chosen background will be identical with the entire width and length of the desktop, and, accordingly, the size of the screen of your monitor.
In new versions of Windows Properties section called "Personalization".

Advice 2 : How to put a picture on the desktop

After loading the operating system the user sees on the screen of the computer Desk. By default, Windows installs a standard design, which includes theme and background image. As full-time registration is not like all, many users change it.
How to put a picture on the desktop
You will need
  • - утилита Starter Wallpaper Changer
Change image of your desktop is easy. If you are running Windows XP, for the pictures go to: "start" - "control Panel" - "Display", then select the tab "desktop". Locate the background image that you like.
If regular images are not suitable, you can use more, to do this, click "Browse" and locate the desired picture, then press OK. Use files with extension *.jpg. Regular image files are stored in a folder C:\WINDOWS\Web\Wallpaper (if the OS is on the C: drive).
Those who use Windows 7, change the desktop image you can use in two ways. The first one is simple – locate the image, click right-click and select the context menu item "set as desktop background".
Second option: click on an empty space on the desktop, right-click, select context menu item "Personalization". In the next window, select "desktop Background". You can set the picture from the list or choose your by clicking the "Browse" button. Setting a new background picture, click on "Save changes".
You should know that if you have installed the initial version of Windows 7, you cannot change the desktop background regular ways, since in this version just yet (they are blocked by the developers). However, the way to change the picture, for this you will need a utility Starter Wallpaper Changer. When the utility starts, click Browse, select the image you want, then click "Apply". After reboot you will see the desktop with a new picture. There are other program to change picture in Windows 7 – for example, Change Background W7.
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