You will need
  • - a computer mouse
To change the screen resolution in Windows XP
Click the "start" button, select "control Panel" and find "Screen", if you have classic view in control panel. Or "Design and themes" - "Display" if you have configured the category view. In the Settings tab find the slider of "screen Resolution" and choose the one that suits you. Click "Apply" to apply the changes. The screen will flash a window with a countdown timer. If you don't like what you see press the "no" and look for the new option. If you are satisfied, click Yes.
To change the screen resolution in Windows Vista
Start again with the button "start" and "control Panel" click "appearance and personalization", click "Personalize" and then select "display settings". Move the slider to until you are not satisfied with the result.
Click "Apply" at the bottom of the menu to make the changes take effect. The display will again blink timer. If you're happy, that you see, click "OK".
Changing the screen size on CRT monitors
Because of failures in the system happen so that you see the screen surrounded by black bands right and left. If you have a CRT monitor, you can easily fix this by using the buttons on its panel. Just press "Menu", enter the settings by buttons on the monitor panel, select an option.