You will need
  • Laptop.
To begin, consider the simplest method of increasing the resolution of the screen on the laptop. Click in any blank area of the desktop with the right mouse button. If the mouse is not connected, hit the wrong button, which performs a similar function. On the screen you will see the window where you should choose "Properties". After this section opened, you will see a menu that will display five different tabs. You need to switch to "Settings", clicking this tab. A new window will appear in the same form. Here you will be able to determine the optimal resolutionby moving the controller. After you make certain changes, save the settings and close the menu.
You can also increase the resolution of the screen on the laptop, using the agent interface of the graphics card. For this purpose, the computer must be installed the necessary drivers (you can find them in the standard kit). Install the required graphics driver from the appropriate drive, then reboot system. If the computer does not restart, the driver simply will not work. Once the system is loaded, you can proceed to configuring permissions.
Pay your attention on the task bar, and system tray. There will be an icon of the video card, which you need to click the right button of the mouse. A context menu will appear with possible settings of the graphics card. Select the item that allows you to change the resolution of the screenand go into it. In the appeared window you can select the options you want. Once you increase the resolution, save your changes and close the agent card.