To configure the screen resolution, open the control panel via the start menu". When you display the control panel by categories, click "appearance and themes". In the window that appears, or select the task "Change screen resolution" or click on the "Screen". If control panel is in classic view, just select "Screen" by clicking on it with the left mouse button. A window will open "display Properties". To change the display of the control panel by category to classic view and back, hit the appropriate command-the inscription on the left side of the dialog box control panel.
The window "display Properties" can be accessed in another way. Click from the desktop in any free folder and file location, right-click. In the drop-down menu, select last line "Properties" and click on it with any mouse button. In the opened window go to the tab "Options".
The Settings tab is divided into several parts. At the top you will see a visual display of your monitor. If you have multiple monitors, select which monitor you will apply the new settings. To do this, click on the monitor image with the left mouse button to podsuetilis frame. If you have only one monitor, leave it unchanged.
To change the screen resolution of the selected monitor under "screen Resolution," located under the tab visual display of the display, drag the slider to the desired position and click "Apply". Desktop configuration changes, you will be given a few seconds to evaluate the result. If you are satisfied with the new display, confirm by clicking in the window warning click "Yes". Close the properties window by clicking OK or the "x" icon in the upper right corner of the window. If you are not satisfied with the new screen resolution, pressing "No" will return you to the current settings.