You will need
  • For the antenna you will need:
  • - pliers;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - Lac;
  • - soft wire;
  • - metal tube with a diameter of 50 mm and length 6 m;
  • - TV cable 10 m
Buy in-store TV antenna ASP-8, which is the most common nowadays, as it has a signal amplifier, and is fairly simple to use. Consider carefully the design of the receptor, see the Assembly drawing. Assemble the antenna as shown in the figure, in the middle there is a plastic box, inside which you want to put the amplifier. When buying an antenna, ask the seller with a powerful amplifier, which he has. The amplifier looks like a electronic Board with different items. Paint mascara on back of the amp nail Polish, a thick enough layer, it will save it from corrosion under different weather conditions. Screw it on the two bolts as per the design.
Clean the cable end of insulation, strip the center wire and mesh. Don't forget they are still thoroughly clean from the paint that covered wire. In the Central part of the amplifier, locate the power connection in the middle connect the Central wire of the cable and mesh secure in the clamping device with two bolts. Now also lacquer paint mascara on the upper surface of the amplifier, including a connection cable. Close the cover of the amplifier, sometimes it is twisted on the small screws or just snaps. If it does not close properly, affix any adhesive sealant. Attach the cable along the entire length of pipe with a wire every 50 cm.
Lift the antenna tube and secure it in the ground and to the wall of the house. Land, it must relate to necessarily, for one, will play the role of lightning rod. Drill in the hole to hold the cable in the house. Now go to the house. Strip the end of the cable, as well as you did when connecting the amplifier. Attach it to a special antenna plug, which also extends the electrical power cable of the antenna. Turn on the power antenna in the socket, insert the plug into the TV. That's all, you just have to configure the TV channels.