You will need
  • Drill;
  • - pliers;
  • - duct tape.
Car antennas are: cut-in roof, fender or bumper; telescopic; magnetic; electric; active with built-in amplifier. Depending on the chosen model of the antenna and its installation.
For the cut-in antenna in the roof, remove or peel back the roof lining. Disassemble the side stand.
The hole for the antenna, drill outside on the roof. Cover the hole with waterproof sealant and secure the antenna, passing the wire down the cabin.
Let the wire on the roof under the sheathing, then through the rack. Get it for the torpedo to the radio.
The unit remove. Connect the aerial plug into a special socket at the rear of the radio.
If the antenna is active, connect the power. From the active antenna there are two wires and a plug. Black wire connect to ground. The other wire plug that goes from the antenna – blue or blue with a white stripe. The instructions for the radio it is referred to as the wire for the active antenna.
After connecting all the wires, install the radio. Test the radio. If you're connected correctly, secure the stereo.
Before connecting the in-car antenna, good clean glass. Warm the car on cold glass worse glued with adhesive tape.
Wipe the surface and degrease it. This is usually included with the antenna are alcohol wipes.
Disassemble the right rack.
The very "pill" antenna mount on top of the glass on the right. To her "antennae", which will place and stick to the left and down.
All of the in-car antenna active, so they are three wire. Put them on the rack, attaching to the main harness with electrical tape or clamps.
The black wire attach to ground (body). Another with plug insert the plug of the recorder, the third plug on the power supply output.