You will need
  • -information stands;
  • -parts of wildlife;
  • -visual AIDS;
  • -musical angles
In a corner hang stands with the information on the composition of kindergarten attendance of children and their anthropometric data: height and weight. Next can be a stand with a beautifully designed menu for the day. The main stand is made of durable material. On it there are two small information stand, made of thick salaminians cardboard with the slots, where inserted data on children and daily menu for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. These stands must be in the room where naked children. Parents, so every day you can see all the information.
In the games room, where all day there are children, it is advisable to make the wildlife area. Beautiful shelves, place fresh flowers and cages with songbirds. Children can care for plants and animals.
Area with visual AIDS is made in the preparatory group of the kindergarten. It can be magnetic ABC, dice and cards with numbers and letters for composing words and simple arithmetic examples. Books that are read to children caregivers. Here, it is desirable to place the stand on which is available and clearly presented rules of the road. All of these objects are actively used by children and teachers during class. Then the children independently clean up all the books and dice in its place.
In groups of the kindergarten are made beautiful music corners. Though in many kindergartens, there are special music rooms, music corners appear frequently in kindergartens. There are small DVD player, with which children listen to music and watch entertaining and informative animated films. Available area can be very comfortable. Usually on the floor lay a beautiful carpet, the children sit on soft Ottomans. This area is very popular.