Specify details of the order — the sequence number in register, date of publication, legal form and name of organization.
The preamble of the order provides a description of the events preceding the order, that is the reason why you want the publication of the order. For example: in connection with conduct of organizational and staff measures; to conduct the acceptance of the goods under the contract.
Descriptive part order must contain the required disclaimer. Here, specify the law or other legal act underlying the orders. This can be the article of the labor code, law "On limited liability companies , Law On accounting . In order to refer to the local regulation of, or Provision for payment of labour, collective agreement.
Specify the administrative action of the head: command.
In the operative part of the order, list the steps necessary to implement this order. In this part you need as specific as possible to indicate what the official must do a particular action: to calculate, to draw, to take. It is advisable to determine the time to perform these actions.
The final part of the order must contain the signature of the Director.
Acquaint under a list of employees to which the implementation of the order. This must be done within three days.