Start making introductory part of the paper with title "Application", not forgetting to report next to its serial number, since no such attachments to the agreement may be several. It is obligatory to the Treaty itself, therefore, here enter the case number and the date of preparation.
Title main document part based on its content. The name should briefly reflect the essence of those refinements that will be an important part of the contract and to avoid ambiguity in the interpretation of the terms of the contract. This may be the work schedule or their order, with an indication of priority, Protocol, comments, etc.
In the final part of the application, specify the full details of counterparties (name, legal form, legal and actual address, Bank details). They, along with the reference number and date of the contract, are important factors in confirming the identity of the document to the main contract.
Here place designated for the signatures of the authorized persons of each party, indicating the position, surname and initials. The application must be signed simultaneously with the conclusion of the contract. Otherwise, if the document is issued too late, to make an additional agreement to the contract and not the application.