Solve tasks on "Proteins" using the following formula: m(min) = a/b*100%, where m(min) is the minimum molecular weight, a is the atomic or molecular weight of the component b – percentage component. The average molecular weight of one acid residue is 120.
Calculate the required value for the topic "Nucleic acids", adhering to the rules Chargaff:1.The amount of adenine equals the amount of thymine, and guanine – cytosine;
2.The number of purine bases equals the number of pyrimidine bases, i.e., A+G = T+C. In the chain of the DNA molecule the distance between the nucleotides is equal to 0.34 nm. Relative molecular mass of one nucleotide is equal to 345.
Tasks on the theme of "DNA Code" to solve it with the help of a special table of genetic codes. Thanks to it you will learn what acid encodes a particular genetic code.
Calculate the desired response for tasks on the theme "Energy exchange" reaction equation. One of the most frequent is: is c6h12o6 + 6О2 → 6СО2 + 6Н2О.
Find the solution of problems on genetics based on a special algorithm. First, define which genes are dominant(A, b) and which recessive(a,b). Is called a dominant gene, the symptom of which is shown in homozygous (AA, AA) and heterozygous state(AA, Bb). Is called a recessive gene, the characteristic which occurs only at the meeting of their genes, ie, in a homozygous state. For example, pea plants with yellow seeds crossed with a pea plant with green seeds. Received of pea plants all had yellow seeds. It is obvious that yellow seed is the dominant trait. Write down the solution of this task : A – the gene responsible for yellow seeds and the gene responsible for green seeds.P: AA x aa
G: A, A
F1: Assistaut tasks of this type with several characteristics, then one sign of label A or A, and second B or B.