Advice 1: How to prepare for Olympiad in biology

Any Olympics requires a party to have maximum impact and perfect knowledge. If soon you will find a similar event, get ready for several days of intensive memory training and a great abundance of material. It is best to be prepared in several stages.
How to prepare for Olympiad in biology
You will need
  • Textbooks, additional reference books, Internet.
Make a list of possible questions. Best of all with this issue to contact the teacher. Convince him that you need a written list of what you definitely can ask.
At the same time find out about necessary literature. In addition to the standard textbooks to prepare for the Olympics you need additional reference materials, which is likely to have a teacher.
Determine for yourself the most simple and complex questions. What you know best, you can leave on the last hours before the Olympics. The long-neglected topic is better to start to study again from the beginning. Pay attention to those questions that require memorization of individual things. Learning gradually is much easier than to start at the last moment.
Read the same question in different sources. Knowledge of detail selects a winner from the crowd of participants. Different authors can interpret the same material with minor changes and additions. Your task is to find these add-ons and have them in mind. To read, use not only your textbook, but an encyclopedia, electronic resources and other teaching AIDS.
"Surround" yourself biology. Best of all, if there's nothing to distract from the subject. Even during the holidays, try to keep all thoughts of "spun" around the studied subjects. For example, see channels about animals during breaks, or flip through the encyclopedia about insects. It is both interesting and useful. Many contest questions are built on the identification of rare, additional knowledge. For example, about the life of some animals you can learn from books and TV shows.
Go through biographies of several famous biologists. If the Olympics means the free part where you need to tell us about any field of biology or another broad question, the ability to insert "big" name will come in handy. This will show you as the expert in this area and will make you a worthy candidate to win.

Advice 2: How to prepare for the exam in biology without a tutor

Unfortunately, not all young people who wish to take biology as an entrance exam, it is possible to use the services of a tutor. Someone has insufficient funds to pay for some expensive lessons, others simply do not have time for regular visits with a private trainer. However, with proper perseverance, you can prepare for the exam.
How to prepare for the exam in biology without a tutor

Training tutorials

In order to successfully pass the exam, you need to fully master the material we offer you high-school biology course. Contact the library and ask them to give you a set of books for all the years that have studied the subject. Re-read all the books, brush up on knowledge. You need to understand the complex mechanisms occurring in nature. But in preparation for the exam can not do without cramming classes mammals and life cycles of microorganisms must be learned by heart. In addition to textbooks, it is advisable to use additional literature: manuals for admission, recommended Universities, materials for preparation for the Olympics.
Popular authors for preparing for the exam – Dogel, Bogdanov, Yarygin.


Many Universities conduct courses for those wishing to take the exam. The price is significantly lower. Lectures by experienced teachers, who will try to convey to you the maximum amount of information to analyze in detail complex topics and answer your questions.

Regular exercise

When you prepare to pass exam collection tests over the past years should be your reference book. Please contact her every day. Solve tests, check and re-read threads that you are not well learned. It is advisable to do the job in all sections. If you can take the test twice – excellent, this will help you deeper understand the material.
The re-passage test that you first write is not very good, it is better to come back in a few days so that the letters of the correct answers was forgotten, and the knowledge settled.

The solution of problems

It is impossible to prepare for the exam on the biology and ignore the problem. Engaging in self-education, don't lose sight of them. Learn the laws and formulas that you'll need to calculate the length of the DNA chain and the quantity eaten by rodents for the predator at the top of the food chain. You should be able to solve tasks not only correctly, but also quickly, because it affects your score.

Popular science films

Getting ready to take the test without a teacher, use all available materials to help you. For example, a huge amount of useful information you can glean from the popular science movies that you can watch on channels Animal Planet or Discovery. Tape can be as the family entertainment nature, for example, the feeding of young sloths, and serious themes – the eye structure of insects, the evolution of microorganisms. Any question about the wildlife you may come across on the exam, so the wider your horizons, the higher the chance to get a good score.

Advice 3: How to prepare for the exam in history

Unified State Exam in history is one of the entrance examinations in the majority of humanitarian universities of Russia. In preparation for the exam in history it is important to learn not just to memorize dates and events, to analyze the facts of internal and external policy of the state, but also to handle the particular format of the tasks exam, to understand its characteristics.
How to prepare for the exam in history
In 2011, early submission of the exam in history held on 29 April, basic commissioning – June 14. The exam begins at 10:00 local time in all Russian regions. The history exam is given 210 minutes.
Now there are a large number of courses offering help in preparing for the exam. These lessons are not history, and help in the development of the format of the exam. At these sessions you will talk about the features of test items and their wording, you will learn to allocate time to perform tasks, learn about common mistakes students will be able to take the practice test options.
If you want to engage individually with the teacher, choose a teacher with sufficient experience of preparation for the exam. To do just with a good connoisseur of the history can be interesting and useful, but not sufficient for effective delivery of the exam.
Experts believe that the best way to prepare for the exam - pass in advance as many options of tests you can find in bookstores and on the Internet.

At the moment there are many publications that can be useful. For example:
1) Y. V. Soloviev, the Most complete edition of standard options real jobs use 2011. History

2) Govorkova E. A. exam 2011. Typical test tasks. History
In addition, many Internet sites offer to take the practice test online. You can try your hand and evaluate the results.

Advice 4: How to prepare for the exam on the Russian language

You probably want the results of the exam to enter the UNIVERSITY in the budget Department. Fiscal competition in the most prestigious University starts more than 75 test points. Sometimes, no special training is almost impossible to achieve such results on the exam in Russian language.
How to prepare for the exam on the Russian language
You can use the following tools to prepare for the exam on the Russian language: use paper manuals, multimedia CD that contains a lot of information, walk to class preparatory courses for University, hire a tutor for private lessons in preparation for the exam.
For independent preparation for the exam:
Be tenacious, ambitious, and tune for a maximum test score. Because against your will you no one will ever be able to teach you. Honestly answer yourself the question: what do you know that medium, and I don't know at all. Purchase textbooks, special books for preparation for the unified state exam in Russian language.Make trial of the task, that is, examine yourself. But in preparation for the exam on the Russian language , remember that it is not the number of the performed training tasks, and their quality. Answer questions 2-3 trial of the exam, check the keys for errors, where they exist, take the rule, and teach, and so far no errors.All rules not only repeat, but also organize. In applying the rule to understand it to avoid mistakes according to the rule, you need to perform similar examples several times.
The key to success when performing in the exam on the Russian language is the criteria that guide scoring experts. Here these criteria:
- Formulation of the problems of the source text;
- Review the wording problems of the source text;
- The position of the author of the source text;
- Your own opinion on the problem of the examinee;
Linguistic relatedness, semantic integrity, the sequence of presentation;
- The expressiveness and precision of speech;
- Compliance with spelling, punctuation, language, ethics.Compliance with all these rules and regulations, persistent and systematic training will enable you to successfully pass the exam on the Russian language.

Advice 5: How to prepare for the exam, per night

From session to session, students live fun - everyone knows the truth. Really fun if you lived before the session about the upcoming exam learned only the day before, you have one nightto prepare for it. Utopia or...?
Lectures, notes, tutorials, laboratory - use a maximum of sources for exam preparation
What prevaricate – even the most responsible student, there are times when an exam tomorrow, and it is still "the horse is not lying." And some students such a situation is generally the norm (which, of course, wrong, but who stops?). And then a familiar picture: a mug with a mug of coffee, reading the notes in their attempts to take on the brain of excessive wear in the form of a vast amount of information, red eyes in the morning, and the tense silence in response to the examiner's questions. Meanwhile, if you approach the matter correctly, even for one night , you can prepare for the exam. "Excellent" you, of course, will not pass, but does not fail.
First, create yourself a working environment and tune in to what you have to work hard. No noisy guests, loud music, TV, ICQ and phone. Turn off all of this, because there is always the temptation "to look mail one glazochkom", and then it turns out that the window is already morning. Now get all the lectures on the desired item and the list of tickets. You need to go strictly by the list itself will be easier.
So, read the task of the first ticket. Now I read (silently or out loud – who is better remembered as) a lecture on the topic of this ticket. Now highlight from the lecture 3 (Yes, 3) of the basic proposal. These can be definitions, rules, theorems, or anything else. But points must be three. Remember them. Speak loud. Ideally, one of these sentences needs to include the question of examination, so remember it will be even easier. Similarly proceed with the rest. You think that three items from each of the ticket – it is not enough? You can bet the basic essence of the question you got – this time. To say a few words on each of the three points can it's two. In any case does not give the teacher the impression of a man, never heard of its subject is three. And these three factors will not allow you to "unsatisfactory" during the exam.

Advice 6: How to prepare for the exam on social science

Unified state exam in social studies is the most complex because it involves several disciplines: sociology, Economics, law, political science. Choose it, as a rule, graduates who wish to enroll in liberal arts universities in the fields of philosophy, jurisprudence, trade, marketing, management, etc.
How to prepare for the exam on social science
Preparing for the exam in social studies should take place systematically. In addition to the middle school program need to concern yourself, making a plan of training, or with a tutor. In addition, it is useful to solve typical tasks that may be on the exam. You can find them in various textbooks on preparing for the exam, the Internet training programs.
Selection of tutorials in preparation for the exam on social science needs to be careful. Some publishers misrepresent the information on the exam, it may be quite outdated, and sometimes unreliable. It is best to purchase allowances that have been tested at the Federal Institute of pedagogical measurements.
The amount of information to prepare for the exam on social science is not as great in contrast, for example, from history, since this discipline is taught only in high school. However, the complexity of the exam can occur. Usually, the problems associated with the solution of the third part of the job, so you should pay special attention to it.
In addition, better repeat questions on the topics, not the order of the tasks. So they are quickly digested, in addition, the information perceived to be quite logical. Useful after reading the threads to write a brief outline, the scheme or plan. It is useful to you in the future, in repetition of material.
When you decide common exam in social studies, note time. Distributing it correctly, leave a significant portion of time dealing with parts, so you can score more points.
On the last day before the exam, repeat the material covered, review decided options.
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