You will need
  • Book of problems on physics, a collection of basic physical formulas and laws
First you need to analyze the structure of the control and measuring materials (KIMS) in physics. It is that the test is divided into three parts. The first part is a multiple choice answer from the options, the second recording the response in a form field in a short form. Well, the third part, involving the solution of problems with a full record.
To solve the first part you need to learn basic formulas of physics (two or three from each section). For example, in mechanics it is Newton's laws and the law of uniformly accelerated motion; for electricity - Ohm's law, Joule-Lenz. You also need to know the basic physical quantities and their dimension. Knowledge of basic formulas and basic concepts enough to solve part A.
For the solution part In need to be able to solve simple tasks in which you need to obtain the design formula in two to three additional. Learn, as expressed by some physical quantity through the other. When solving a problem, first write down the formula which yields the resulting value. Then write down the formula for values matching the condition. Then substitute these formulas in the first order by substituting the numeric values to calculate results. Perform calculations on a calculator, and if needed, swipe rounding with precision.
To solve part C would require a similar approach, but with one important difference - you need to record not only the numeric answer but also the solution. First make a pattern for the correct pattern Commission added points, moreover, it will help you understand the intricacies of the task. Then write down the formulas that you know (similar to the previous paragraph). It is advisable to choose a task from the section of physics in which you understand best. It is very important to sign, why are you using a particular formula. Only when the detailed solution you will receive a full score.