You will need
  • - visit the reading room;
  • - tickets;
  • - lectures and seminars;
  • - recommended literature;
  • - the drawings.
A few days before the examand try to negotiate with the teacher that you were given the opportunity to review all microscopic preparations, which you watched during the semester. Usually, this initiative has found support.
If you are not able to agree on the repetition of the practical part, make time to study the photos of the drugs in the Atlas. Most likely, you will have to visit the reading room of the University. You can also try to search for relevant images online.
Repeat theoretical material. If during the course you diligently were notes, you will not be difficult for you to brush up on them, only occasionally looking at the textbook. If notes are missing, you will have to use the recommended literature. Please choose the book with the most brief summary, but included in the list of the books, which were advised by the teacher.
Repetition of material is important not to wait for the last day, because this day is better for the final systematization of the information received. If the teacher gave you some interactive materials (pictures, spreadsheets, presentations), there is a need to study them. If you have any questions, again, look in the textbook.
Review all the drawings you have done in practical classes during the course. This will help you to refresh your memories about the preparations and the characteristics of the structure of certain tissues.
Before the examom sleep at least a few hours, fatigue can cause you won't be able to focus on the exam, and all the works on the preparation in vain.
After receiving the ticket, prepare the response on a sheet of paper. Do not try to discuss in detail the answer, make it short, and when communicating with the teacher, please contact the records only occasionally. This will show your knowledge and confidence.