Use maps and the globe. With their help, you will find the connection between objects mentioned in the problem. For example, the question "what unites geographically the city of Yaroslavl and the highest mountain of Africa?" there are two points, one of which is known. Remember that the highest mountain of Africa – Kilimanjaro. Locate on the globe both objects. Make sure they are on the same Meridian. It will be the answer.
Use your knowledge of time zones, the tasks associated with the difference in time is very common. Example: "Before going to sleep at 10 PM Vanya from Moscow decided to call the grandmother who lives in the port city in the far East, the grandmother grumbled and hung up. What Joe did wrong?". Remember that the far East is the port city of Vladivostok, where the time difference with Moscow is 7 hours. Add to 10 p.m. 7. It turns out that Bob has called my grandmother when in her town it was 5 am.
Use additional materials such as card currents. They will help in solving problems related to bird habitat and animals. Remember, flora and fauna is richer in areas of the ocean where lie the warm sea currents. Use the map of lithospheric plates, with their help solve tasks related to volcanoes, mountains.
Connect knowledge in other areas to meet the challenges of geography in 9th grade and older. Use statistical data about the length of rivers, height of mountains and waterfalls. For routing, or in work on topographical tasks apply skills acquired in the process of learning geometry. Remember that many of the tasks you can decide if in addition to the geographical map carefully review the map of the Railways, administrative divisions regions of the country.
For solving problems relating to tides, use knowledge of the moon's influence on this phenomenon.