Start by learning what form will pass the exam. To test the knowledge of students can give tests with one or more reply options, use open questions (the answer to which students must give yourself, not choosing from the options), the task of genetics or ecology.
Buy problem books in which knowledge is verified in the form that you have on the exam. Usually teachers have referred students to the tests, it is best to prepare for their exam.
As the program in biology is quite extensive, to prepare for the exam in advance. Break the program into themes and make a note of how much time you should leave to repeat each of them. For example, in a one month study of protozoa and plants, and in the second proceed to the animal Kingdom.
If in the exam the question would be tasks pay special attention to their solution. Usually outstanding the task of the student is removed a significant amount of points. Conversely, a correctly solved task will help to get a high score, even if you "float" in response to theoretical questions.
Do not hesitate to ask for help. Ask teachers or friends to biologists, sign up for courses. Walk to the tutor, which allows to deal with unclear themes.
Watch transmissions about animals. Often on the exam asking questions on General knowledge, the answer to which is not contained in the school curriculum. Viewing animal planet and programmes on the Animal Planet channel will help you to successfully cope with the task.
The last day before the exam it is better to spend for pleasant meetings and walks. It is not necessary to drink to got easy ticket to drink alcohol better after delivery. Go to bed early in the morning with a fresh head to go to take the exam.