Advice 1: How to make a bowler hat

Hat-the bowler hat became popular in the fifties of the nineteenth century and replaced the cylinder. Its round shape made it a lot easier in execution than the cylinder, the more curved field formed by themselves during the drying of the felt. Using a round pad, hatters using steam made from felt classic shape of the pot.
How to make a bowler hat
You will need
  • For hats made of felt:
  • - the tape;
  • - pins;
  • - wool felt;
  • - scissors;
  • device for steam generation;
  • block;
  • - elastic band;
  • - satin ribbon for decoration;
  • - glue for fabric.
  • For hats made of paper:
  • - plastic bags and pad;
  • - thread measurement;
  • - braid for decoration;
  • - scissors;
  • - the balloon;
  • - a container (vase, bowl);
  • glue;
  • brush for glue;
  • - acrylic paint;
  • - Lac;
  • - ribbon for decoration.
Hat-bowler from peristerite head circumference, the height of the pot and the field width using a measuring tape. Cut with scissors a felt circle sized so that it fits the head circumference, the height of the bowler hat and bent the brim. Moisten ferry circle out of felt, place the circle on the pad and stretch it slightly damp felt on the block, so he was wrapped around her without wrinkles or creases.
Pin stretched the felt with pins to block the front, rear, right and left at the top, in the area of the crown. Attach the thick elastic band around the pads under the pins of winning the crown. This tape is attached to the felt and was scheduled for a recess in the place where is attached a ribbon to decorate the hat.
Fold the fields a little to the inside to give the hat a classic shape of the pot. When the hat is dry, attach a ribbon for decoration over the fields: remove the elastic band and to the scene of the deepening glue a satin ribbon.
Hat-bowler from manageroracle working surface of table or floor, plastic bags and attach them to protect from debris and adhesive. Measure the head circumference in the place where you want to make field, use the string, tie the ends of thread. Inflate the ball to fit head circumference: wear on the ball bonded thread.
Place the bulb in a container (vase, Cup) so that the top part with a plastic measuring string was out of capacity. The ball should not "sit" in the tank too tight. Rip the paper into large pieces and dip them in the glue, remove excess glue and lay the paper on top of a ball, flatten and attach it to avoid creases. Cover thus paper the entire surface of the ball to the edges of the tank (where it is planned to make field).
Cover the balloon with two more layers of paper in the same way. Allow paper to dry completely, this may take a few days. Pierce the balloon with a pin and remove it from the process. Attach the thread to the top of the blank and trim it at the height that you plan to crown, the crown cut to the selected height.
Secure the top hat in the center of the working surface on the sheet of paper. Draw and cut out a circle corresponding in size brimmed hat, glue the crown to the circle, then cover the field with three layers of glued paper. Shape the brim of my hat, without waiting for complete drying, turning down their right and left.
Allow the fields to dry completely, then detach the hat from the working surface, cut out the inner circle. Cover the finished product with paint, then lacquer, then attach the ribbon at the crown.

Advice 2: How to make a pirate hat

Pirate dreams of becoming, every third boy. Now in stores sold pirate swords, hats and costumes. But the suit can take the ready, having him in a pirate theme. A hat can make yourself. Get no worse than the store and much cheaper.
Make your child a real pirate. He will appreciate it
You will need
  • The average density of the black cardboard the size of A2, red cardboard to the inside of the hat of A4 size, stiff cardboard for the execution of the framework (for example, a piece from a cardboard box), about 30 small feathers, thin and shiny ribbon, red ribbon a little wider for the logo, the gun with liquid nails, ruler, scissors, scriptorial and double sided tape.
Our pirate hat is made up of 5 parts: front, back, and internal parts, fundamentals and logo. Draw a diagram of a pirate hat, according to his own taste or preferences of the child. Composable front from the back on the black cardboard and cut out. The corners of the parts of our hats are basically double-sided tape and glue the halves. Take the cardboard from the box and cut out base – bar size 2х58 cm (based on the volume of the head is 56 cm). Foundation put into a ring and glue. The inner part is cut out of red cardboard, the size – 10х30 see Glue and fasten to the base. She hat ready.
Let's embellishment. Liquid nails glue the feathers overlap, l is the center to the edges of the hat. Glue thin ribbon on the front and the back on the bottom of the hat.
Do emblem. Volume of gummed paper cut out a circle for the base of the logo and other details (skulls and crossbones or other picture to your taste). Double-sided tape to glue the Foundation to the rest of the logo, draw the small details of gel pen. The emblem is made. Left to attach it to the hat and the way the young pirate ready.
Liquid nails is very hot, they can get burned. Therefore, before you work with them practice and do not touch the hot drops with bare hands.
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