You will need
  • paper;
  • glue;
  • - a pair of scissors.
A rectangular sheet of paper fold in half. Of course, you can use an ordinary sheet of paper of A4: in this case, the cap get a small. To hack out of the normal size, use the rectangular drawing paper, sheet of newspaper or gift paper.
The paper will expand so that its narrow side is located at the top and bottom. Fold the paper in half. Be sure to check that the two sides coincide, then the fold line is good iron.
Bent sheet of paper put in front of him so that the line of the bend on top. Then fold the upper corners to the middle: the result is a pointed hat.
The lower edge of the sheet fold up, then fold the corners inward. Flip the billet on the other side and repeat the same procedure. The corners are necessarily connected, because otherwise they will copyrites and athematica what hack will lose its appearance.
After the glue dries, fold the cap in half and gently pull on the Central part. The folded corners of the caps should cover each other. Such manipulations would strengthen the design.
The cap can be done a little differently. To do this, cut out the paper square. Then fold the paper horizontally in half and then fold the edges to the middle.
Fold the top corners inwards and flatten them. After this fold the edges to make a rectangle, and flip the workpiece. The resulting rectangle bend a few times, straighten out the cap and lightly prelucrate her crafts are ready.