You will need
  • - passport;
  • - proof of income for 3 months;
  • - a diploma.
In order to be on the account of the exchange of labor St. Petersburg, you need to get laid off or quit your job. For the first 14 days from the date of dismissal to come to the employment center at the place of residence. One should bring the following documents: employment record book, passport, diploma, certificate of paid wages for 3 months. In addition, you will be given a package of documents that must be filled in legible handwriting as on the basis of your data, the exchange will be assisted in job search.
Those who have never worked, for example, students can also register. It is sufficient to have a certificate of education and passport.
After the documents were submitted, after 10 days should visit the exchange of labourto consider jobs that will be provided by experts exchange. If you unreasonably refuse the offer of vacancies, you will be removed from the register and the work will have to look for yourself. In addition, there is a special training program for the unemployed, special seminars are held approximately 2-3 times per month. A visit is a must, otherwise again can retire.
If for any reason you are still removed from the register, you'll have to wait a month to re-filing. For those who want to change specialty or to improve their skills, there are special training courses. Missing classes is prohibited, as in this case, can deprive of the status of unemployed.
Each unemployed person can apply for public works that do not require special training and additional training. For such work people are gaining different enterprises any form of ownership. It's not necessarily the cleaning of the territory, public works can assume the typing on the computer or handing out leaflets to passers-by.
For those wishing to open a business, the government allocates special assistance or a loan. The amount is small, but to start a small business from scratch it is a starting point.