Immediately it should be noted that as such a special act of theft of property of employer-employee does not exist. There are a few other document, the act which is made after the holding of the inventory account of the receipt and consumption of material values), the act of results of inventory in the enterprise, to which is attached a special statement indicating the detection of shortage or surplus on the contrary. Such an act would indicate that there has been committed the theft, but does not confirm it. The inventory must contain the company name, document name, order number and date, information about the members of the Commission, in the presence of which took inventory (alphabetical order shall include the name and position of the Chairman of the Commission and all members), goals, objectives and results of the audit in mind which was revealed to be missing, as well as the total amount of the shortfall, the name and the number of missing items. At the end is the date of inspection and signature of all members of the Commission.
If this inventory identified shortfalls, you must do the following actions.
Write a memo to the Director, indicating your name, describe the circumstances of what is happening, specify the date and time of the event.Create a special Commission that will identify and document confirm the fact of theft.Pass the case papers to the police station in order to was appointed as an additional test in the course of the investigations will be answered, there is a theft or not.
In the identification and confirmation of the operational staff of the fact of theft by a particular group of people or just one employee, filed a lawsuit to the Court, which will have to oblige the culprit to recover stolen or to reimburse its cost.
After the results of the trial, the Director shall issue an appropriate order confirming the dismissal of an employee and the termination of his employment contract in view of detection of theft at the place of work. This entry is subsequently written in the labor book.