The first thing the victim can block the sim card. All mobile operators offer services for blocking calls and recovery lost card with your number. It is enough to show the passport and to pay the cost of the new card, which will be linked to your old number saved in the account means. However, law enforcement agencies to hurry in this matter is not recommended. If you are going to contact the policeto facilitate the search actions with the sim card lock is better to wait. Often the attackers, being driven on a substantial amount of money on account of mobile phone, make a few phone calls from number of the stolen machine to pronounce the entire card. All outgoing calls operational processing can be set only by sending a request to the service provider. So will be known to the subscriber who received the call from your device, date, time and even the duration of the conversation. A phone number is pretty easy to set the address.
As soon as possible, contact the nearest police station with a written statement. The speed of your treatment depends on success of search activities stolen phone. Statement serve at the scene. Today suffered at the hands of crooks have the right to make a statement about the theft of not only the duty of the Department of internal Affairs, but also the district inspector, at the DPS office in emergency management and even at the firehouse. In all these emergency services are obliged to take your statement. However, to find stolen property are entitled to only law enforcement officials.
Make a statement intelligently, carefully prescribed the details. Execute the document personally to the head of the city/district UVD, indicate your name, address and phone number where you can be reached. Describe in detail the place, time and circumstances of the theft, give the information about your phone: model number, subscriber number, IMEI. It is desirable to describe in detail the attacker, if you saw him. Remember any identifying features: hair color, height, face shape, tattoo, scar, piercing, etc. At the end of the statement put the number and signature. Your statement without any persuasion required to take. The document must be recorded in the book of records of incidents and crimes. Keep these formalities were respected, or in the future to demand from the police what reason will not.
Attach to the application a copy of your receipt on the phone, the user manual or packing, where printed its own identification number (IMEI) of the device, consisting of 15 digits. The fact that the standard in modern mobile communication GSM allows to produce the so-called GSM-positioning apparatus at the time of the call. Special software analyzes the signal from the phone and with an accuracy of 100-300 meters indicates in which sector and at what station is the caller. This technology has been used in determining the coordinates of an emergency call 911, if the caller is unable to report the details. At the request of law enforcement cell phone operators provide such information.
If the police a statement about the theft of the phone to take do not want, ask them for a written waiver. With this paper (or not) to inform about the illegal actions of the police in the Main Department of the MIA in its region or to the Prosecutor.