You will need
  • - the violation;
  • - define the size of the loss;
  • - identifying the causes and effects of disabilities and losses which have arisen as a result of these actions;
  • - the fact that the plaintiff has taken steps to prevent or avoid losses.
Calculate the amount of damages. Use the services of an attorney who will help you to determine the right size of the material losses. Make the examination and evaluation of the resulting harm. The calculation will apply to the claim.
In the pretrial order send to the defendant a claim for damages. If properly explain all the requirements and basis for payments until the court case can not be reached, and the culprit will voluntarily agree to pay financial compensation.
If voluntary payments of compensation have not occurred, file a claim for compensation of damage. You must be evidence of the guilt of the defendant determined the amount of damages, the amount of compensation and properly formulated requirements.
Be sure to set up communication with the defendant and the judge in the case. In addition, attend all court sessions on your case, then you will be able to participate in the process that will end in your favor.