Constitutes an act of official investigation on the company's letterhead. Top center of sheet should be indicated the name of the company. Then below put a date and assign a number. You also need to write the city where the company is located.
The document must be approved by the Director. Put the stamp of approval, which consists of the words "Claim", the name of the organization, the position of the head (CEO or Director) and his surname, name, patronymic.
Below in the middle of the document write down the title "Act on carrying out of official investigation". Then write, on the basis of the document drawn up. This is usually the order of the head of the company. Give the number and date of the signing.
List of all members of the Commission, specifying their surnames, names, patronymic and position of each present in the document.
Please state your case. First write on the basis of which documents shall be drawn. It can be the results of studies, examinations, and witness interviews. Then list the tasks that need to be performed by the members of the Commission. In the main part state the nature and character of the work, facts which have managed to establish during the investigation, the findings and suggestions.
Write in how many instance drawn up and where will be sent to each of them. Usually the document is drawn up in three copies. One is attached to the file, the second remains at the head of the organization, and the third sent to the higher organization.
List all the documents that must be attached to the act. These can be statements, explanatory notes, accounting documents and financial statements, specifications, contract.
To sign a document should all Commission members and attendees.