Inventory is held upon the written request of the Manager. To make it first determine which fixed assets will be reviewed.
Then consider the composition of the reviewers, i.e. the members of the inventory Commission. It should include not less than three persons, it is desirable to have such staff as the accountant, merchandiser, technologist. Also attract and employees responsible for internal control, e.g., foreman, engineer and others. Note that if one of the members of the Commission for any reason is missing at inventory, all results are considered unreliable.
Once you think through all the information, arrange it in the form of the order (order) about carrying out of inventory (form INV-22). In this administrative document, complete "cap", that is, specify the name of the organization according to the constituent documents, and then specify a structural unit, for example, transport. Then put the serial number of the document and the date of the order.
Below, specify the date of inspection of property, and list the composition of the inventory Commission, indicating the position of each of them, also write the surname, name and middle name (initials) of all members. Scroll to the Chairperson of the Commission, as a rule, he is responsible for the transfer of test results to the accounting Department.
The line below, write about the inventoried assets, list of liabilities. Next, specify the time the inventory and the reason for its implementation, for example, the change of the materially responsible person. Then, write the deadline for all documents to the accounting Department, and at the end of your signature.