You will need
  • The form of the act, if available;
  • Rough notes, which were written in the course of the audit;
  • The three-member panel;
  • Application (if necessary).
By results of the conducted audit, is filled with act audit and an inventory. Any act shall be at least three responsible persons. Before the revision , create a Commission, they will fill in this act.
Save draft records (they reflect the fact- diffraction data contain quantitative indicators) that make during the auditon the basis of the control act.
Enter the mandatory details the act: name of organization, title of document (ACT). Must be a date (here the date of writing, if the act shall be made upon the completion of the audit, which took several days, in the text of the actand specify the period of testing) and the registration number of the document. Specify the place of execution, make a title to the text. The title of the actand should begin with the words: "the Act of audit".
Write the text of the act. It should consist of two parts, an introductory part describes, on the basis of what was audited. This may be a regulatory document, regulation, or Treaty, indicating its date and number. Note here the composition of the Commission, specify to the chair. In the main part, write about the methods and timing of work, select set of facts and also don't forget the insights, suggestions. You should also write a conclusion arising from the results of the performed audit.
At the end of the actand do not forget to put the signature of the Commission, at the end specifies the number is composed of the copies and their recipients. The number of copies of the actand of the audit varies, depending on the number of interested persons to whom this act is directed and. Moreover, in most cases the amount is determined by the normative documents of the organization.
After selecting the number of copies of the actand, write about what appendices are available, if any.