Try using the doctor to find out the cause of crying babies. When the baby suffers from colic, he usually draws his legs to his stomach, crying out loud, and sometimes refuses the breast. The baby's stomach is severely distended because of the large amounts of gases. If the doctor diagnosed intestinal colic and recommended to make vent pipe, then take his advice
Take special vent pipe, which you can buy at the pharmacy. Pay attention to what her tip should be soft. Instead of a handset you can purchase a syringe of the smallest size. The syringe must be cut about half the wide part so as to obtain the similarity of the funnel. Before each use the vapor tube , it is desirable to sterilize.
Lubricate the tip of the vapor tube baby cream or vaseline. Always use a hypoallergenic cream or oil is designed to care for children. Their composition should be free of substances that cause redness and itching.
Put the baby on its side, gently move to his stomach legs bent at the knees. Then gently, in a circular motion lubricated type cream the tip of the vapor tube into the anus of a child to a depth of 1-2 cm Hold the baby, he can actively move his legs, trying to get rid of the pain, or cry. This procedure is more convenient to do it together. One person can hold the child and another to put up.
Keep the vent tube in the anus a few minutes. The baby can move gases, liquid stool. If nothing happens, and the child is still crying, he needed a little help. Try to make your baby a belly massage clockwise as well helps the exercise "Bicycle", when the knees bent feet alternately pressed to her stomach.
When complete, wash the groin area of the baby under warm running water or bathe the baby (if you put the vapor tube before the evening bathing). If the baby continues to cry, try to attach to his stomach warm diaper and shake hands.