You will need
  • Sodium thiosulfate, distilled water, vinegar essence, iron sulfide, hydrochloric and sulphuric acid, test tube.
Prepare a solution of sodium thiosulfate in distilled water. Next, take an ordinary vinegar, or any other carboxylic acid, which is not a pity and a thin stream, priivate it to sodium thiosulfate, not forgetting to stir the mixture.
On the bottom will begin to precipitate yellow precipitate is sulphur. Wait until the process is finished, drain the liquid and allow the sulphur to dry out.
Take the tube, put a bit of iron sulfide, and add to it hydrochloric acid. Close the vial sealed with a stopper with a gas outlet tube. The reaction of iron sulfide with an acid will release hydrogen sulfide.
In another test tube pour concentrated sulfuric acid and place in the vapor tube. The hydrogen sulfide reacts with sulfuric acid, forming water, sulfur dioxide, which gas comes to the surface and the sulfur that will remain at the bottom of the tube in the form of sediment. After filter the precipitate, wash it with water and allow to dry.