Manufacturers of composite gas cylinders is recommended to produce gas at specialized outlets. Here it will not cause difficulties, so all the certified filling stations equipped with the necessary equipment. But private traders using domestic gas in cylinders is not always possible to take the capacity to a specialist.

Threat of self-filling gas tank?

Self-filling of gas cylinders is prohibited, but if necessary you can break this rule. Main thing is to follow recommended security measures. Factors over which the manufacturer of the cylinders prohibits the refueling of non – experts- the Flammability and explosiveness of gas.

How to fill the gas tank?

The one who decided on this step, you should know the design of the cylinder. The gas injection and flow rate provides the multivalve mounted on the neck of a metal container. For refueling you need to collect the priming system consisting of two gas hoses, gas ball valve, adapter seals, gas cylinder. It is important to efficiently connect all elements of the design. For this purpose, the suitable size of the coupling. All the equipment you can buy on the market.

A gas cylinder is required to set down a valve. It is possible to construct a structure of wooden bars or set him in a chair and fix securely in an upright position. Those who have experience filling a gas cylinder, I prefer to weld it to the metal "skirt" which when you flip the tank is stable support. The remains of the gas need to pit.

The adapter is screwed on the thread cylinder. For gas supply need to use ball valve filling the system, not the cylinder valve. Reducer is not required, as it will slow down the dressing. To check the reliability of filling system and open the flow of gas.

The process of filling the tank slow: need 5 to 15 minutes. During the flow of gas transition system cools, so check the level of filling you need to wear gloves. Unacceptable use of open flames near the filler operating system. It is recommended to exclude even a spark. Fill the tank outdoors only.

Using the same system you can fill a small tourist gas cylinders. Need an adapter, scales, empty cylinder, household gas cylinders. Weigh an empty container. Alternately wind the adapter on the cylinders, open the tap and start pouring gas.