You will need
  • petrol lighter Zippo;
  • - gas lighter CRIKETж
  • is a candle.
To learn how to perform even the most simple tricks with a lighter, learn the following movements: fast open the lid the hinge side, scribbling on the wheel with any finger of right and left hands.
The lighter trick Zippo. In the crack near the lock insert part of the wick (just a little bit, otherwise will burn). Moisten it lightly with gasoline. Light the flame on the lighter. At the same time, you should see the fire on the wick (the flame on the wick is not visible from the audience). Close the cover on the lighter, it will go out, the wick continues to burn. Open the lighter and make a sharp wave of the hand, the flame from the wick will spread back to the lighter. Do all the movements very quickly. Effect: a flame erupts from the wave of your hand.
The trick with the lighter CRIKET. To the metal base of the lighter solder a copper tube. She put on a plastic hose. The other end of the hose put on discharge valve at the other lighters glued to CRIKET Vice versa (upside down). To the flame while the focus was great, pull out the lighters a long white tube (it is gas). The lighter re-assemble and fill with gas. Stand to the left of the viewer.
Take a lighter in your left hand. Direct the copper tube from the viewer and myself. Ask the spectator to the flame to blow. When it will execute your instructions, little finger gently press on the valve flipped lighter. Press gently, if you press abruptly, a jet of gas will bring down the flames before they ignite. Effect: the flames spread to another part of the lighter. For this trick you will need some money and 1 hour of free time.
In the left hand take the candle. In the right hand hide the lighter. Right hand (back of the hand looking at the viewer) you close the candle flame. At this point the bottom of the lighter you extinguish the flame and simultaneously ignite the flame. Slowly pull your right hand to the side of the brush you can see the light. The effect of the trick: the light of the candle was able to move his hand.
For focus need a lighter with a sticker on one side. Right hand hold her picture over. Left hand for 1 second, close the lighter. Effect: when you take your hand off the lighter pattern on it disappears. The magician begins the audience to show the subject as if from all sides – the picture is nowhere. The secret: the ability to quickly flip the lighter three fingers, showing the audience only the side without a pattern.