Please note that the recommended fuel for all Zippo lighters is Zippo Lighter Fluid. Do not use cheap substitutes and counterfeits - they can damage the lighter and cause it to lose its health!
Be careful and try to avoid getting gasoline on the skin. It can cause skin irritation. If it still happened, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
After filling the camera back felt pads to the original position and insert the body of the lighter in a metal sheath. Use a dry cloth to wipe all components of a lighter, a can containing Zippo Lighter Fluid, and wash hands.
Make sure that in the place of filling left drops of fuel - gasoline, used Zippo is a flammable material. Try to light the lighter. When properly fueling the flame should be stable.
For some time after refilling Zippo try to wear a lighter in a pocket or pouch in an upright position without turning over. The fact that the fuel used Zippo - natural, and therefore quite susceptible to evaporation.
Try to refuel your lighter everytime before a long trip, but better - bring a can of Zippo Lighter Fluid.