Print out terms of purchases in the "Metro" from the website store: Reassure their signature and a live seal of the company whose employee you are.
Collect the necessary documents.It will depend on which group of customers you belong to. Such groups only 5: individual entrepreneurs, legal entities, representative offices of foreign companies, representative offices of Russian companies, embassies. The list of documents can be found on the website of "METRO" selecting the appropriate group. For example, a list of documents for individual entrepreneurs will be as follows:
• terms and conditions of purchase;
• a copy of the certificate on statement of the physical person on the tax account and tax number;
• copy of the certificate on entering of record in the Unified State Register of individual entrepreneurs);
• a copy of the PI;
• the original power of attorney of the established sample on the eligible transactions on behalf of the PI, signed by PI.
Take the collected documents (including terms and conditions of purchase, signature and stamp) at any of the shopping centers METRO Cash & Carry. Making cards fellow Metro is fast, and in a few minutes you will be able to enter the store and make purchases.
Repeat the above operations in the case if you want to get the card of the client "METRO" for other members of your company. Only one company can be issued a maximum of 5 cards METRO cash & carry. But it can be done only in the Mall, which was issued the first card. Does not draw cards through other people. Customer card is issued free of charge, directly to the "METRO". Using someone else's card or a card issued in another way, may lead to the withdrawal.