To map "Raspberry" in one of the supermarkets "Sitistor". Please contact the information Desk, please complete the application form and get the map. Addresses of shops can be found on the website
To get a card in the office or the service center and sales "Beeline", find out the address of the nearest point at and contact the consultant on the spot.
In addition, you can get a map of "Raspberry" in one of the pharmacy chain "36,6", the addresses of which can be viewed on the website
In the restaurants of the company "Rosinter RESTORANTS", ' which can be found at www.rosinter.ruyou can turn to the waiter and get his card "Malina".
Also the map will give you at gas stations "BP". Find the address of the gas station on the website and arriving at the gas station, contact the cashier.
Map "Raspberry" can be obtained in one of the branches of Raiffeisen Bank, contact the Bank employee. The addresses of Bank branches can be found on the website
Referring to the employee of the bar, café or restaurant in one of the cinemas network "Formula Kino", you will also be able to map "Raspberry". 'Cinema can be found on the website