Read the terms and conditions of purchase and print them. The document can be read and downloaded here: Please note that due to company policy, individuals a few minutes the METRO will not be issued.
Gather the necessary documents for obtaining the card. For individual entrepreneurs need:- printout of terms and conditions of purchase, attested by your seal and signature;
- copy of certificate of registration in the Unified State Register of individual entrepreneurs;
- a copy of the certificate on INN and;
- copy of passport (first page and page with residence permit);
- original power of attorney of the standard sample to persons entitled to perform commercial transactions (on behalf of the individual entrepreneur).
The package of documents for legal entities includes:- printed terms and conditions of purchase;
- copy of the certificate of the Ministry of tax service about INN assignment;
- a copy of the document confirming appointment to the post of head of the organization or an official extract from the minutes of the meeting of shareholders;
- a copy of a page from the Charter of the organization and legal address;
- power of attorney for the persons authorized to conduct transactions on behalf of a legal entity.All documents attest the signature of the organization head (signature) and seal.
Come with documents to the nearest shopping center , SUBWAY, refer to the information Desk and fill in a map client. Cards are issued completely free of charge and you can immediately make purchases.
Remember that one organization can not draw more than 5 cards. Where additional cards are issued only in the store where it was the enterprise (or entrepreneur).
Please note that at renewal of an individual company or organization you must provide all the previously issued cards.
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