Go to the official website of the program "a Raspberry" In the upper right corner click on the coin with the image of your region. Click on the desired. Click on the "Personal page" in the upper right corner of the page.
Enter the number of cards "a Raspberry" in a special box of "Authorization" on your personal page. This room is on the front of the plastic card Raspberry and consists of sixteen digits. Until September 2011 in the number field of the card need to enter the last eight digits of the modernization of the website of the program "a Raspberry" you need to dial the whole number.
In a separate field enter the pin code that was provided to you along with a map. It consists of four digits. If you forgot your pin, go back to the main website page in the horizontal menu at the top, select "Register program". At the bottom right you will see "Forgot pin?", click on it. Follow the instructions to restore the pin code of your card. He will come to the email address you specified when filling out the questionnaire. Enter it in the appropriate field, press "Enter". The entrance to the personal page it is also possible for the email address that is linked to the map. Instead of a pin code, use the password you created when you bind the email address.
Pay attention to the top of your personal page. On the right you will see a greeting and the number of accumulated program points. If you want to check the correctness of scoring, use the vertical menu on the left. Select the section "My purchases", you will see the detailed information of payment for goods and services of program partners.