You will need
  • -the statement;
  • questionnaire;
  • photography;
  • cheques for payment transportation card or money.
If your card is damaged: erased number, cracked, crumpled, then contact the passenger Agency. To do this you need to go there, write a statement indicating the reason for replacement. If you still have the receipt for the purchase of the transportation card, or a receipt confirming the uploading of funds to replenish the travel, then the application must apply it. This will help you to prove that the money on the card is, and thus, they need either return or move to another, updated map.
After you write a statement and attach all the necessary documents, you will need to pay the cost of the card. It is necessary to pay the costs to restore your document.
If you have travel was a grace (student, etc.), then you need to fill out a questionnaire. Her glue the photograph. Despite the fact that the rules of a photo is not required, better still take it with you. Just in case. Students and scholars need this form is required to certify. As a rule, do it in the Dean's office of the University or the Secretariat of the school. Then grab your passport and take this form to the nearest metro station. Turn her in, confirming what the identity of the passport. Recovery time student travel is approximately 2 weeks. At this time you will receive a temporary discount card for travel. When the recovered transport card is ready, you will have to pay 50 rubles and to pick up her previously showing the cashier the passport.
Unfortunately, in cases when you card is stolen or you lost it, repair it is unlikely. It is considered that it is your fault. Prove also that such a card you had, you can hardly. Even if you have kept the receipt for the purchase card, it is not proof, because it does not bear your name. So, in this case a card you have to buy again.