Decide who will help you to pass. Regardless of where you want to go – for a new job, in a Museum, Bank, school, you need to understand who to contact for help. For example, the design passes to the Bank, will support the legal Department, the school Director, to work – also the head. Do not hesitate to ask common your organization know where to go with your question. You can consult with the guards or go to the territory of the organization.
Provide a document proving the identity. As a rule, requires a passport. In some exceptional cases it is possible to produce a driver's license.
Write a statement to get the pass. It is not always mandatory, but pretty frequent. The application should be written personally by putting on it the date and personal signature. You also need to indicate the surname, name and patronymic, passport data, data on place of residence. This requires the security service to understand who you are. All data will be checked and only then will make a pass.
Take a picture. For this there are two options – visit the Studio or office security. Some companies are taking the responsibility to make a photo of employees. If you are a client of the organization, such as the Bank, you will have to take a picture at the photo Studio. Modern technologies allow to do it quickly and for a very reasonable cost.
If necessary, pay the manufacturer a pass. As a rule, inexpensive.
To receive a pass. When he is made, you will be informed.