If you want to become a discount card holder of the fuel company LUKOIL, you need just to buy.
Before you purchase discount card LUKOIL should know that its value depends on the discounts that the company provides fuel to its customers. So, for example, there are discounts from 2 to 4%. In this way all discounts are fixed. Discount card company LUKOIL is a unique offer, as it is possible to purchase not only fuel but also many other products for vehicles. In addition, as the owner of a discount card LUKOIL during preventive maintenance, you can visit the cafe at the gas station or store and buy goods at a discount, which are set out in the agreement on a discount card.
In each region the rules by which you can get a discount card LUKOIL different. For example, there are regions where the maximum discount on the map not 4, and 3%. However, the service discount cards are virtually identical. In addition, discount card LUKOIL has cumulative bonus that you can use to purchase some goods. These bonuses are just deducted from the account owner, and the item is issued it is absolutely free.
To purchase a discount card LUKOIL you need to apply to any nuclear power plants of the company. It is worth noting that buy cards should be only in these places, as cards, which are sold in the subway, Parking lots, pedestrian crossings and other places are in most cases fake. The fuel company does not sell discount cards at these locations. Therefore, to avoid becoming a victim of fraud, get them only at the plant where you will be able to choose a variety of discount cards depending on their financial capabilities.