You will need
  • - liquid detergent
  • soap
  • - a few rags and sponges
  • - brush
  • - water
  • - screwdriver for screws
  • - Taz
Carefully inspect the structure of the stroller. Find out which fabric parts can be removed. It happens that the fabric of the stroller is attached to the body using special screws, which complicates the removal of material. If the mount is on the button, it will not cause any difficulties. Inspect the wheels, is it possible to remove them.
First remove the easiest part of the stroller basket for products, removable bumper and hood (assuming that these parts are disconnected). In the hood arc usually inserted to stiffen, then gently pull it out of the hood, being careful not to damage the material. Using a screwdriver, carefully Unscrew all the screws and remove the fabric part of the stroller. In the carriage-cradle is often a removable hood and inner fabric in the cradle. The fabric that is on the outside of the boxes, often not removed, because it has a complex mount. In this case, the box should be washed completely using a cloth or sponge and detergent, and then dry them well.
Prepare the washing solution for washing a fabric base. It is best to use liquid detergent. Dilute it in water and soak for a while material. Read the base material, at what temperature to wash the product. Then using the brush, gently RUB the places with the highest pollution. Drain the dirty water and rinse the material in clean water that the fabric does not have traces of detergent. If you allow the material of the stroller and features a washing machine, you can use machine wash in gentle mode. Keep in the car along with the ground fabric does not hit metal parts. It is desirable to disable the high-speed spin in a centrifuge and gently squeeze the fabric with your hands. Wipe the metal frame of the stroller with a soft cloth dipped in soapy water. Then go over with a sponge with clean water. Wipe dry the entire body, especially all moving parts of the construction, in order to avoid saravane. If you managed to remove the wheels, wash them in soapy water, then rinse thoroughly and wipe dry. If the wheels do not detach from the main structure of the stroller, then wipe with a separate cloth with the soapy solution. Make sure that the water does not remain in the movable design of the wheel rotation, this can cause creaking when further operation of the stroller.
Collect all the details of the stroller after a thorough drying fabric base and wheels. Carefully tighten all of the screws back in their place.
If the fabric of the stroller is not removed, then wipe with a sponge with soap and water material and all metal parts of the stroller. After some time, wipe with a cloth with clean water all the stroller, paying special attention to fabric, avoid soap streaks. Then Pat the entire stroller. Many parents spend washing the stroller entirely in the bathroom, if the dimensions allow. In this case, it is important after washing thoroughly dry the stroller and wipe dry all the mechanisms!