Treat the edges of the diaper on the sewing machine in the usual place. Double-fold the edge of the fabric so that the cut was on the inside of the bend. Use a basting seam for convenience or outwrite the edge of the item. Route line, departing from the fold line by 1-2 mm. Hook yarn, fold the edge on the adjacent side.
Use the seam "zigzag", if your sewing machine has such a mode. Put the needle at a distance of 3-4 mm from the edge, apply the product around the perimeter. If the seam went too deep, cut the uncaptured fabric. Use for the processing of cotton yarn, they are not as durable as synthetic, but won't RUB baby's delicate skin and will not cause allergies.
Decorate the diaper by hand, it will take much more time, but will give a lot of positive emotions. For processing, use the buttonhole stitch. Enter the thread on the front side, stepping back from the edge of 3-4 mm, from the wrong side near the beginning of the work again pierce the fabric, pull the needle, it is included in a loop. You get the first column. Thus sew the entire perimeter of the diaper. For decoration you can use colored embroidery floss, you can work in 2, 4 or 6 additions. Try to do little knots.
Purchase in the store for handy a sufficient amount of piping, it is a tape, folded along the entire length. Place the edge of the diaper to fold bakey, run a basting stitch around the perimeter. For convenience, you can round the edges of the material, bake cut out on the bias, so it stretches, it's easy to handle the curves. End of the tape bend and let overlap. Stepping back 1-2 mm from the inner edges of the borders, make plain seam on the sewing machine. This product may not be very practical for changing, but it looks good, it can be taken for examination to the clinic or to put under the head of the newborn in case of regurgitation.