What to choose soap or powder?

Annoying is strongly convinced that baby powder is much better than baby soap, and did not harm the baby. However, there is a strong opinion that the best tool for washing children's clothes – Laundry soap. It's hard to disagree. The composition of the soap contains only natural substances, so it does not cause allergic reactions. In Soviet times, grated on a grater soap, which was boiled diapers, were an indispensable attribute of presence in the house of a newborn baby.
Up to two months to wash baby clothes only children or soap.

Fortunately, times have changed and moms no longer have to calluses, endlessly erasing and vypolaskivat dirty baby clothes. Came to the aid of washing machines. However, the problem of choice of detergent left.

Children's doctors remain unconvinced – up to two months to wash baby clothes only children or soap. However, doctors are well – known conservatives, so you can trust his common sense. If you decide to buy washing powder, please pay attention to its composition. It is desirable that the basis of powder was soap composition, and it will be marked "hypoallergenic." That's all, more in the powder should be no additives. Only in this case, you can be sure that its use will not cause unpleasant consequences for your baby.

How to wash baby diaper

However, it is not necessary every time to wash with soap and water described diaper, you can simply rinse them in warm water. After all breastfeeding children's urine has no color, no smell, so it is sometimes possible to use without abusing them. Of course, this can not be applied when washing diapers with feces, it requires a good disinfectant. The traces of the "accident" must first rinse with cold water, then spot wipe clean with soap and give a little soak. Only after that you can put in the washing machine. Wash on the "Boiling", be sure to double rinse. If you are not using disposable diapers, as cloth or gauze, wash them as needed.
After washing baby clothes should be thoroughly ironed with two sides, in order to avoid penetration of infection in the umbilical still not overgrown the wound.

When washing children's things manually to facilitate the task of the most notorious soap, grated on a grater. Pour hot water diapers with stains that won't wash out in the enameled bucket and put on the stove . Boil for 30 minutes. Washes perfectly, does not leave any traces, and your fingers are saved.

That such subtleties exist in this seemingly simple case. Let your baby will be comfortable in clean clothes!