To start, determine the "age" spots and what still stained your clothes. Remember that the "older the stain, the harder it is to get rid of it. Try to clean out a fresh stain with detergent or soap, if the stain still remains, then move to more effective methods.
Before you use any product designed to remove stains, try it on a small piece or on the inside of the garment to be fully convinced of the durability of color and fabric strength.
Clean the product from dirt and dust with a brush and moisten the fabric around the stain with water. This will reduce the probability of formation of "halo" around the cleared area.
If the stain is oil, put inside a piece of white cloth and wipe the stain from the edges to the middle of the swab liberally soaked pjatnovyvodjashchim composition. If "halo" is still formed, repeat this procedure once more and rinse the clothes.
The treated section of the cloth, sprinkle a small amount of starch, it is absorbs impurities, and then use a swab moistened with a solution. Next, let the fabric dry, then remove the starch with a brush.
In order to remove bitumen black stains from work clothing, apply an aerosol-type tool type "Autochemical for bitumen"
Old stains on clothes remove the warmed lemon juice, keep the product at the same time over the pot of boiling water.
Try also to remove the stain with lemon juice, diluted in half with vodka, then wipe it with a cloth dampened with a solution of water with a small amount of ammonia.
The black stain is from hair dye remove with a Hydrosulphite solution (1 teaspoon per Cup of water) or a solution of ammonia with hydrogen peroxide. Heat the solution to 60 degrees, soak it in a tampon and to wipe the stain from the edges to the middle. Then wash the thing in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly.
Stain dirt clean immediately. Let it dry and then clean with a weak solution of borax and wipe with a dry cloth.
Ink spot print with a solution of ammonia and baking soda (add two teaspoons of baking soda and one teaspoon of alcohol in a glass of water) or lemon juice. To do this, moisten a cotton pad with the juice, apply to stain, rinse the cleaned spot with water, and then dry cloth.