So the washing machine didn't spoil things, and the washing process would have passed with the greatest effect before starting the cycle, things must correctly put inside. The wrong attitude towards this process not only will not bring the desired result, but may cause breakage of the machine.

How to wash the clothes with metal accessories, zippers

Things, are equipped with hardware necessary to properly prepare for washing. This is especially true of clothes with zippers. If the garment has a metal zipper, it can rust, if long time stay in water. Not every fabric can take. Thin and light fabrics, and also knitted and light are ugly spots of red colors which display is not possible. Some clothing items are easier to rip off the zipper before washing, than to try to get rid of the ugly spots.

If the zipper on clothing is not made of metal, but the weight is quite heavy, her dog during washing can not only emit unpleasant bryakayuschee noises while rotating, but also scratch the drum. Better remove before placing in the machine the clothes to the other side, or fix the dog with a needle and thread just a few stitches.

How to wash clothes with zippers made of plastic

Before washing the zipper on the clothes, it is necessary to fasten. All instructions included with washing machines, it is specified that stuff before putting in the drum to be buttoned. Themselves unbuttoned zippers will not damage the machine, but can deteriorate in the washing process. During rotation, the elements of lightning, if they were not fastened before laying, can deform, break, or be torn out. As a result, when you try to zip the washed and dried things it can break up or jam.

Known cases when a particularly bad rotation big zipper details damaged glass. Sharp teeth able to tear a strip of rubber, if you get there. It should be borne in mind that when washing even buttoned zipper can pop open. Along with the clothing should not be washed lightweight fabrics – rastegnula zipper can catch them with their links and break. Problem clothes most of the Housewives prefer to wash by hand.

Is there a good way to wash clothing with zippers is not hand – to buy or sew yourself a bag for washing machine-machine. At home it can be done from the old tulle. It is possible to wash not only things with the zipper, but with different hardware.