Advice 1: How to wash clothes with zipper

Automatic washing-machine or machine-machine makes life easier for Housewives. Laundry service with such assistants become sheer pleasure. But to obtain good results the clothes before washing to make.
How to wash clothes with zipper
So the washing machine didn't spoil things, and the washing process would have passed with the greatest effect before starting the cycle, things must correctly put inside. The wrong attitude towards this process not only will not bring the desired result, but may cause breakage of the machine.

How to wash the clothes with metal accessories, zippers

Things, are equipped with hardware necessary to properly prepare for washing. This is especially true of clothes with zippers. If the garment has a metal zipper, it can rust, if long time stay in water. Not every fabric can take. Thin and light fabrics, and also knitted and light are ugly spots of red colors which display is not possible. Some clothing items are easier to rip off the zipper before washing, than to try to get rid of the ugly spots.

If the zipper on clothing is not made of metal, but the weight is quite heavy, her dog during washing can not only emit unpleasant bryakayuschee noises while rotating, but also scratch the drum. Better remove before placing in the machine the clothes to the other side, or fix the dog with a needle and thread just a few stitches.

How to wash clothes with zippers made of plastic

Before washing the zipper on the clothes, it is necessary to fasten. All instructions included with washing machines, it is specified that stuff before putting in the drum to be buttoned. Themselves unbuttoned zippers will not damage the machine, but can deteriorate in the washing process. During rotation, the elements of lightning, if they were not fastened before laying, can deform, break, or be torn out. As a result, when you try to zip the washed and dried things it can break up or jam.

Known cases when a particularly bad rotation big zipper details damaged glass. Sharp teeth able to tear a strip of rubber, if you get there. It should be borne in mind that when washing even buttoned zipper can pop open. Along with the clothing should not be washed lightweight fabrics – rastegnula zipper can catch them with their links and break. Problem clothes most of the Housewives prefer to wash by hand.

Is there a good way to wash clothing with zippers is not hand – to buy or sew yourself a bag for washing machine-machine. At home it can be done from the old tulle. It is possible to wash not only things with the zipper, but with different hardware.

Advice 2: How to wash tulle in the washing machine

Generation of Housewives erase the fine lace curtains only by hand – the washing machines activator type could permanently ruin the fabric. However, modern automatic machines are much gentler against fabric that allows you to erase the tulle in the washing machine without risk. The main thing – to observe the rules of washing.
How to wash tulle in the washing machine


General rules wash tulle

Tulle requires delicate care – even if we are talking about cheap nylon net curtains. This fabric does not tolerate exposure to high temperatures – too hot water or iron can cause yellowing of the fabric. So the tulle washed in lukewarm water and try not to stroke.

While curtains do not require intensive washing of the contamination well enough away from the fabric, especially if you do not "start" the process. Lace curtains should be washed every 3-4 months – in this case, to maintain their whiteness will simply. But if we are talking about the kitchen curtains if the Windows face a road with heavy traffic, or if family members are allergic to dust – the frequency of washings it is better to increase.

Since curtains usually collects dust before washing the tulle, it is desirable to shake out on the balcony or on the street. In this case, the wash will be more effective.

How to wash tulle in the washing machine: load, temperature and modes of washing

Before laying the drum tulle have neatly folded – if you load the fabric in Smeaton, after washing there will be creases. If we are talking about the muslin, Voile, organza with fine embroidery and other more delicate fabrics, it is best to place neatly folded the curtains into a special net bag for washing does not affect the washing, but it will save fabric.

Стирка тюля в машинке

Tulle wash in the delicate washing is at a temperature of 30 ° and no spin. During this washing drum of the machine rotates more smoothly, and the washing occurs when a large amount of water – this allows you to minimize the risk of damage to delicate fabrics. You can wash lace curtains on the modes for silk and wool – they are the most gentle.

Loading the machine detergent, be Thrifty. In most cases, the hostess poured the powder or pour the shampoo wash generously, from the heart. In the case of the washable tulle this can lead to excessive foaming, especially if the Laundry is sent to the mesh fabric. So refer to the manufacturer's recommended dosage and because the fabric is lightweight and machine works with partial loads, – reduce the dose in half.

When washing curtains , it is desirable to use an additional rinse cycle: remains of detergents also lead to premature yellowing of the fabric.

After the end of the wash cycle it is necessary to remove the tulle from the machine to drain the water and not pressing, to hang on the ledge. If the shower curtain surround – you can gently squeeze her hand, very lightly, without twisting.

Once dry, the fabric lies flat under its own weight. Iron the tulle only in the most extreme cases, and very carefully – this also leads to yellowing of the fabric.

What detergent tulle is better to use

Чем стирать тюль

Wash the tulle in the washing machine using various detergents, both specialized and General purpose. This:

  • special detergents for washing net curtains and other curtainsthat can be purchased in the shops of household chemicals. They are very effective, coping very well with pollution, bleached fabric and slightly podgruntovyvajut. However, they are not very common and therefore are not always on sale, and their cost is very high. Such funds it makes sense to buy, if we are talking about expensive and thin curtains that require special care.
  • shampoo for washing delicate fabrics. They spare fabric, designed to wash at low temperatures and easily opolaskivaetsya.
  • means for washing children's things. They are particularly effective when washing white net curtains and have a good bleaching effect.
  • conventional washing powders can also be used to wash the tulle, particularly when talking about the mesh or nylon cheap organza. Powders should be selected in accordance with the color of the fabric, using the painted curtains of funds for colored fabrics; particularly cautious about the dosage of powder to eliminate excessive foam and don't forget the extra rinse.

How to whiten tulle in the washing machine

A regular gentle wash is compliance with the basic rules, a thorough opolaskivaniem and the lack of detrimental effects of high temperatures allows you to forget about manipulation for the whitening of yellow or gray tulle – after all the Laundry in the washing machine more efficient manual.

Как отбелить тюль в стиральной машине

However, if you want to whiten your tulle – you can do it in the washing machine. The key success factor here will be the right choice bleaches. In the bleaching of tulle do not use products containing chlorine– this will destroy the fabric. Therefore, for curtains it is necessary to choose:

  • oxygen bleaches. They are quite expensive, but versatile, suitable for colored and for white and in marked whitening effect does not destroy the tissue structure. Another advantage of oxygen bleach is that they are effective for low-temperature washing.
  • optical bleaches. They visually lighten the fabric due to the particles settling on the fabric – and it allows you to return fabric whiteness. However, it is better to use them only for pure white drapery, or the appearance of the curtains might get hurt.

Optical and oxygen bleaching agents are suitable for washing in washing machines. You can add them to the washing powder, if you want to increase the effect of washing. If we are talking about severely yellowed curtains – you can use a pre-wash or soaking.

If you are afraid to use bleach to wash the tulle in the washing machine – you can use home remedies. Tulle is often bleached using salt – so you can fall asleep in the compartment for detergent a couple tablespoons of regular table salt and use it as a bleaching agent to wash. To enhance the effect, you can add a small amount of powder.


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